Ink pads & re-inkers

Ink pads & re-inkers

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  • Kaleidacolor Ink Pads
    ApplicationPlastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay,
    laminated paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, photo, glass, porcelain, terracotta, cellophane
    Drying time3 seconds (porous surfaces) - 5 minutes (non porous surfaces). Drying time varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

    Multi-color dye ink pad.
    Unique color combinations.

    • The patented sliding pallet keeps ink colors separete and prevents the colors from bleeding together.
    • Slide the pallet together to use Kaleidacolor with a brayer or stamp.
    • Colors are extremely vivid on coated paper.
    • To use, slide the lever toward the inkpad - the pallet will slide together. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked together and ready for use.
    • When finished, slide the lever away from the inkpad. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked into a separated position and ready for storage.
  • Versamark
  • Versamagic Ink Pads...
  • VersaFine Ink Pads and...
  • Delicata Pigment Ink...
  • Momento Ink Pad

    Momento Inks are suitable for uncoated papers, glossy card and vellum, producing fine detail and lines. Dries very quickly on regular paper and card.

    Once dry suitable for use with alcohol markers and is water resistant. Can be used with an ink blender. 

    Great range of colours

    Available as Full sized pad and Dew Drop

  • Catherine Pooler Inks

    Get ready for some seriously colourful stamping! There are 54 Colours from Catherine Pooler Designs in three collections:

    Party Collection: Fully saturated, bright colors. Includes It's a Girl, Be Mine, Party Dress, Rockin' Red, Samba, Coral Cabana, Bellini, Tutti Frutti, Orange Twist, Tiki Torch, Tiara, Limoncello, Melon Ice, Garden Party, Lime Rickey, Grass Skirt, Mardi Gras, Mint to Be, Aquatini, All That Jazz, It's a Boy, Fiesta Blue, Something Borrowed, Suede Shoes, Sweet Sixteen, Pixie Dust, Flirty Fuchsia, Grape Crush.

    Spa Collection: Low saturated, soothing colors. Includes Peppermint Scrub, Rouge, Mandarin Spice, Sauna, LemonGrass, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Daydream, Juniper Mist, Royal Treatment, Rose Petals, Polished, Shea Butter, Sage, Seafoam, Spruce, Skylight, Stone Blue, Sugared Lavender, and Queen for a Day.

    Neutral Collection: Colors that coordinate with everything. **Midnight, Black Jack, Twilight, Icing on the Cake, Over Coffee, and Sand Castle

    **The midnight ink pad will stain high-quality stamps, so ink lightly to ensure you only ink up the actual stamp part.  Clean immediately with your favorite cleaner, an alcohol-free baby wipe or water.

    What is great about Catherine Pooler inks?

    • Color coordination will be a snap!  The colors of each collection are specifically designed to coordinate together. That means you don't have to guess what colors to use - they all work together within each collection! Or you can mix up the collections to create your own unique style.
    • Neutrals are staples! Three neutral shades offer three deep shades to cover every need.
    • No more splotchy images!  Two or three gentle LOVE TAPS are all you need to get full coverage on your stamp which transfers beautifully to your cardstock.
    • No more muddy, dirty stamped images when residue from a dark ink gets picked up by a light color!

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