Ink pads & re-inkers

Ink pads & re-inkers

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  • Brilliance Ink Pads
    ApplicationUncoated paper, coated paper, vellum, photo, leather(tanned leather), cellophane
    unpainted wood, polymer clay, shrink plastic, terracotta
    Drying time10 - 15 minutes on uncoated paper. Drying time will increase on coated papers. Varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.
    EmbossingFor normal (porous) paper, chances for not able to stick embossing powder due to the fast drying.
    • High opacity ink works wonderfully on dark paper!
    • Ink (from inker) is easy to spread and can be used as paint. Ink can also be mixed into clay. Use ink with the Squeegee or Sponge Daubers to create different background effects.
    • Re-ink the pad (with inker, sold separately) as needed to keep pad moist. Do not allow pad to dry out completely.
    • Replace inner plastic cover and cover after use. Exposure to air will cause the inkpad to dry out. (Inner covers not required for Dew Drop pads.)
  • Kaleidacolor Ink Pads
    ApplicationPlastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay,
    laminated paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, photo, glass, porcelain, terracotta, cellophane
    Drying time3 seconds (porous surfaces) - 5 minutes (non porous surfaces). Drying time varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

    Multi-color dye ink pad.
    Unique color combinations.

    • The patented sliding pallet keeps ink colors separete and prevents the colors from bleeding together.
    • Slide the pallet together to use Kaleidacolor with a brayer or stamp.
    • Colors are extremely vivid on coated paper.
    • To use, slide the lever toward the inkpad - the pallet will slide together. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked together and ready for use.
    • When finished, slide the lever away from the inkpad. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked into a separated position and ready for storage.
  • Versamark
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  • Delicata Pigment Ink...
  • Artistry Ink Pads

    Artistry Ink - Mini Ink Pads Suitable for different media like scrapbook papers, cards, photo paper, water colour papers, canvas, mount board, ribbons etc.

    • Suitable for various mixed media and a host of other awesome techniques.
    • Rich water reactive dye inks. Acid Free.
    • Raised ink pad for ease of use.
    • Stackable pad that shows ink names even when they are stacked. Packaged in convenient storage boxes.
    • Ink name mentioned on pad as well as on lid so you know the colour you are using even when the lid is open.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items